Muffin with pumpkin

Without removing cleansed skin pumpkin seeds and baked in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius until fully mitigated.

Add a little flour into the milk, sugar and yeast bread, mix well and leave to swell.

Roasted pumpkin cleaned from the skin and snuff and a puree of fresh prepared.

Cooled pumpkin mixed with flour, leaven bread affronted, dust to maturity, a sugar and an egg cup.

Mix well and leave to stand until doubled measures then divided into 4 parts.

Each section extends pete round and divided into 8 parts.

In each triangle determined by a piece of butter or sweet fillings as desired or brackish.

Wrap to gain muffins and smeared with egg shaking, optionally sprinkled with sesame or caraway and baked at temperatures of 180 degrees Celsius to obtain the reddish color.

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