Study: People like to stay only wise

There is no doubt that people are very social creatures. But while known to associate with others makes me happy, this is not true if you are very wise.
Psychologists from the University of Singapore and the School of Economics and Political Science in London found exactly this when studied more than 15,000 young people – that lie just a sign of high intelligence.

They fell to the conclusion that, while in general people feel happiest when spending time with others, very smart people make exception to this rule, reports Gazeta Express.

The study said that this is due to evolution. Wise men can more easily adapt to the modern world, so no need for a close relationship with someone to help you find food and shelter similar to what our ancestors did.

Their theory is that smart people are more aspirational and want to spend more time working on their goals, rather than spend time being socialized.

The study found that more intelligent people are actually lower life satisfaction as much associated with friends – which means that the time spent with friends makes them unhappy.

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