Only five hours of sleep of heart damage

Sleep only five hours a night increases the rhythm of heartbeat and negative effects on her health and the consequences are even more serious if the wrong sleepy hours, for example during the day.
This study was conducted with a group of healthy adults and serves more for people who work night shifts.

Volunteers were divided into two groups for a week and slept only five hours to 24, but one group has slept at night and the other during the day. Researchers have always measured a series of data ranging from blood pressure, heart rate, variability intervals from a beating to another level of stress hormone norepinephrine in urine other.

While test results showed that blood pressure remains stable, but heart rate increased among all volunteers. In the group that slept in the early hours of the day, the level of norepinephrine resulted in higher, while heart rate variability fell during the hours that were smart.

“The decline in variability of heart rate rhythm is considered an indicator of cardiovascular risk,” the researchers explain. But more alarming signals were observed during quiet sleep, when normally fall pressure and heart rate and resting heart muscle enable. Volunteers in both groups increased heart rate

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