How should we run to spend calories obtained by eating a pizza?

Are you hungry and do not have time to prepare a healthy portion food without great content and calories? Fast food, pizza and in this case may be a solution of the “perfect” for you! But do you know how long you need to dispose of calories obtained from consuming a whole pizza?
When you understand that maybe next time a priority of yours will be how and what you eat so that your life style not penalize you and negatively affect you.

For an individual of normal weight and height, the distance which must be traveled after eating a pizza is about 5.5 km or about 50 minutes of medium intensity jogging toward the top!

There are movements that are now demanding that each food product which offered customers to buy, be shown the equivalence exercises (time needed to spend calories obtained from that product).

This is seen as a way to combat overweight and obesity. Do not forget that the rate of diabetes has doubled compared to 40 years ago!

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